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Lives in Greater Tel Aviv area; works in her studio in Tel Aviv


2018-2019      Institute for Israeli Art at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Jaffa

2014-2018      Multidisciplinary Art studies, Minshar College of Art, Tel Aviv

1992-1994       East Asian studies, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv

1977-1981        Geography teacher training studies, Kibbutzim College of Education


Special Projects:

2022        'Sculpturing Her Life', The Lab, Tel Aviv

                Curator:  Sharon Tuval

2022        'Sculpturing Her Life' (Extended Exhibition), Studio Kedem Sason, Tel Aviv

                Curator:  Sason Kedem 

2021        The best works of the 2021 Illustration Week exhibitions in 60 light boxes.

                The alleys of Old Jaffa, The Jaffa street gallery .

                Curator:  Yuval Saar

Solo Exhibitions:

2023       'Fructure', Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod

                Curator:  Avital Katz

2023       'Rujum', The White Gallery, Hatzor |Ashdod

                Curator:  Nurit Melamed

2022       'Line. Dot. Line', The new Artists house, Rishhon Lezion.

                Curator:  Vera Pilpoul

Group Exhibitions:

2023       'Plastic Footprint',  Group Exhibition TEO Center for art & Culture Herzelia, 

                Curators: Vera Pilpul & Beenee See

2022       'When Planets Spins Out', Carmel Forest Art, Group Exhibition, Carmel Forest Hotel

                Curator:  SharonToval

2022       'On the edge of the Anthropocene', Group Exhibition, Minshar Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

                Curator:  Noam Wenkert

2022       'The Drawing Biennale #1 of Rishon lezion', The new Artists house, Rishon lezion.

                Curators: Lea topper & Jennifer Bloch.

2021        'Biographical Pathways,' duo exhibition, Tel Aviv Illustration Week.

                Curator:  Vera Pilpoul
2021        'Take me Home', group exhibition at the Jerusalem Biennale,

                 Old building of Shaarei Tzedek, Jerusalem

2021        Group Project, NOX Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, part of Fresh Paint Art Fair.

                Curators: Limor Margulis, Vera Pilpoul

2021        'Verisimilitude,' group exhibition, Sklar Levy Gallery, Modiin.

                Curators: Audrey Sklar and Shirley Wegner

2019        'Graduation Ball,' Fresh Paint Art Fair Satellite Exhibition project, Beit Tami, Tel Aviv.

                Curator:  Carmit Blumensohn

2018       “Border Line,” Gallery 10, group exhibition, Beit Michal.

                Curator:  Carmit Blumensohn

2018        Graduates  Exhibition, Minshar School of Art, Installation and Drawing final projects.

                Curators: Leor Grady and Oded Yedaya

2014       'About this and that and Dada: Salute to 99 years of Dadaism,' Pavilion 16,

                Tel Aviv Port in association with Janco-Dada Museum.

                Curator:   Eti Fabian

2010        'Route of Paint,' solo exhibition, Yefet Street, Jaffa



Janko Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel, private collections

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